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What gives sleeping in a silk blindfold?

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Until now, the blindfold has been used mainly during long trips, such as on an airplane, to take at least a short nap. However, more and more people have started using it at home as well, to improve their sleep comfort. Does it really work?

Sleeping in total darkness – why is it so important?

For many thousands of years, man has functioned according to the rhythm of nature’s clock. The night was a time for rest and recuperation, and the day was a period of work and other activities. Today, with the invention of sun-independent light sources, the diurnal rhythm is no longer so important. We don’t go to bed as soon as it gets dark, but stretch our activity time to the limit. At first glance, this is a positive change – we are able to plan and do more. However, this leads to a deregulation of the body, which continues to act as it did thousands of years ago: darkness means time for it to rest.

Why does man need darkness?

Although some people fear it, total darkness is necessary for the body to function properly. This is when it produces melatonin, the chemical responsible for maintaining the diurnal rhythm and for counter-oxidation and relaxation. Without it, the body is unable to rest. Melatonin is produced when it is dark. If any light reaches the retina, its production does not occur.

Why use a blindfold?

To ensure complete darkness, we need to get rid of any light sources from the environment. As we know, this can prove to be a huge challenge these days. With help comes a blindfold, which is much cheaper than, for example, blinds or curtains. With your eyes completely covered, your body can quietly start producing melatonin. With the blindfold on, it is easier to fall asleep during the day or while traveling.

Improved sleep conditions

Sleeping in a blindfold is much more comfortable than sleeping without one. Your sleep time will increase, and in the morning you will be rested like never before. Your sleep will become more efficient.

Blindfold for insomnia

If you struggle with insomnia on a daily basis, a blindfold may be an essential gadget for you. The cause of sleep disorders often lies in external factors such as sound and light – the latter the blindfold is able to eliminate perfectly. It is certainly a cheaper and less invasive way than, for example, sleeping drugs or alcohol. And, of course, it cannot be overdone….

Sleeping band – a remedy for dry eyes

Dry air in the bedroom can lead to dry and irritated eyes. Also, dust and pollen of all kinds can adversely affect the eyeballs. A blindfold is a safe barrier that will protect the organ of vision from harmful external factors. 

Why choose a silk blindfold?

When choosing a blindfold, it is worth betting on the one made of silk. This material does not irritate the skin, as it is delicate and one hundred percent natural. It will work even for people who struggle with allergies. It does not knead on the skin, and the coolness of silk can reduce the formation of puffiness around the eyes. It is therefore an excellent protective layer for the skin.

main photo: unsplash.com/Kristina Petrick

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