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Skinimalism – you’ll love this new skincare trend

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From now on, less is more. Skinimalism is a trend that will be on top this year. What is it and what is its connection with slow life philosophy? Let’s check it out!

Don’t hide – discover!

This trend has revolutionized the way many women think. Think back to how many times you did everything you could to cover up your skin’s imperfections. How many times have you hidden under a thick layer of foundation? What about looking at yourself with a kinder eye? Stand with yourself… face to face? Look in the mirror, look at yourself as you are. Surely your complexion has imperfections – as does everyone’s! Freckles, pimples, acne. All of these are perfectly normal and are nothing to be ashamed of. Stop pretending and covering up, bet on skinimalism – it is much more than a make-up no make-up trend!

Skin and minimalism – the key to success

It is not about minimalism only in make-up. Skin care also needs to be more sparing, according to followers of skinimalism. As it turns out, skin care can also be overdone. The coronavirus pandemic had a big part in this. Studies show that as much as 96% of our cosmetic purchases last year were skin care products. Do we really need all those scrubs, masks and creams? This is an important question to answer and find the necessary balance in life

Skinimalism – how to start using it?

Okay, you want to put on skinimalism. Does it mean that you should immediately throw away all the accumulated skin care cosmetics? You certainly don’t have to do that. Throwing away is not okay – you should use up your cosmetics or give them to someone else if you don’t use them. Start by getting rid of what you have, but do it all with your head. Then it’s time to shop smart. Maybe you’ve already implemented fashionable minimalist principles in your home, closet or accessories. It should be no different with cosmetics. Do I really need it? This is the question you should ask yourself when you go to the drugstore again and want to buy another cream. There is a good chance that you do not need as many beauty products as you have accumulated in your bathroom. Does this mean you should give up on your skincare routine altogether? Absolutely not. However, remember that skinimalists focus on quality, not quantity. Excess is not good for anyone!

Cut down on cosmetics!

How many cosmetics do you use without really knowing your skin’s needs? Is it really necessary to do another scrub or mask? Our suggestion is simple – rely on knowledge. Consult an expert, spend more time on internet research and find out what skin care products are really worth betting on. Sometimes it is worth paying more, but have a better quality cosmetic, which will have a salutary effect on your skin. Opt for specific skin care.

Morning and evening care should be well thought out

Moderation is in fashion, also in your morning and evening care. Always remember to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin. This is the basis, which can not be omitted. It is also essential to apply a sunscreen during the day. Of course, the ideal complement to skinmalism is also the use of minimalist makeup. A glowing complexion is currently the most desired look! Fall in love with your natural glow and keep your complexion moisturized and you will feel fantastic about yourself. Especially among other skinminimalists, of which there will be more and more as this way of thinking becomes more and more popular!

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